Ability to ask questions.

Couple by the Water

A guy should know to learn about a gal, to learn about her quirks; what makes her tick? Look beyond the physique and physical, if it pleases you already and delve far into her mind, into her personality and being. She has a story, just as you; you’ve got your brothers to speak of sports with, so speak to her, in confidence, about your life. What made her the way she is? What interests her? Passions? Desires? Favorite colors, foods, feelings? Learn about a woman, learn all of her complexity.

The first step to feeling confident and building lasting love with a girl is to allow her to feel safe with you, and to be safe with her too. Trust your curiosity and learn about this one of a kind lady before you: you will never forget the gems she has to offer. Every girl is an aphrodite in her own right! A girl doesn’t want to hear you stroke your ego, she wants to connect with you.

A guy should know how to talk to a girl, how to converse, how to share. Knowing how to talk to a girl doesn’t make you lose your masculinity, rather, it strengthens it. You will become her go – to, you will become HER man and she will be YOURS.


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Bibi Sungirl
Rebellious idealist. NYC born and raised. Vietnamese by history. Duke University graduate. Idealist, believer in humanitarian causes, in beauty, in peace. Passions are art, music, poetry, cultures, travel, discovery, human rights, animal rights, nature, non - profits and education. Fun facts include: I am quadri lingual, have lived in cities of all continents except Africa and Australia (though I will someday soon), pisces, sucker for Marvel superheros. Check out art portfolio here : www.cargocollective.com/livelovegive, music portfolio here : www.soundcloud.com/oceanmoon, instagram @bibisungirl. Peace, Depth, Light and Love!
Bibi Sungirl

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