A Love for Guitar

Man Playing the Guitar

The guitar is a sexy instrument. You can’t deny it’s curvaceous figure – 8 body, it’s hard organic wood, it’s deep and varied sound. It can be used as a percussive instrument, as an outlet for song writing, it can be the star and solo electrically. Let’s face it, when you see a guy who can play guitar you go “damn”, or you judge; and when a gal sees a man with a guitar, she melts. From Mayer to Mraz to Hendrix and Cash, all the classics, all the big guys play the guitar, pluck the strings.

Originating from Europe, and existing in many various forms across the globe, the guitar is a great hobby to pick up when off the job, relaxing, bored or lonely. Why? Because you can discover a side of yourself you never knew before! A musical side! Easily portable, easy to learn, easy to fix, it’s the perfect accompaniment to any bachelor – or taken man’s pad. Beyond the idea that it can definitely woo a girl’s heart to pearls and dreams, it is a gift to your own self to discover the magic of music and sound. It is not lame to develop a musical side to you, by the way – it’s totally cool. Imagine watching football with a guitar in your hand, so you can mockingly sing your viewpoints! Along with melody, having a guitar allows you to play with verb and word, it lends your mind to becoming flexible with spontaneous inspiration.

Forget Facebook stalking and lonely OkCupid dates; make the guitar your girlfriend for a sweet, short moment and you’ll see, she’s a lifelong partner! Let it’s humble sound fill your veins and discover the musician in you!

To get started, take a listen at musicians such as Ben Howard, Gary Clark Jr., Jeff Buckley, Michael Kiwanuka.

And there is so much more in this world.

Enjoy, and post your music when you are ready to music platform websites such as youtube, soundcloud, myspace, share it with your friends; spread the love!


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