It is better to have hers than to have none.

The other day as I worked away on my computer, tapping my life away on the keys. I felt like I needed a shower. And not one of those in and out showers. I needed a long, Hollywood “shower playlist” showers(I know I’m not the only one). So I got ready for it. I got my REN leave in conditioner(awesome stuff by the way), my iPad, speakers, my towel and after that I was ready. I showered like it was gonna be my last. Dancing carefully to Al Jarreau and acting like I was the star and he wasn’t. The shower was intense. After dancing through 3 or 4 songs from Al I peered down at my fingers and saw the wrinkles showing on fingers. It was time to get out. I kept the music playing drying my body with my towel, which I wasn’t used to because I air dry. I slipped my feet into my slippers and walked into my room. After dropping the towel and looking at my manliness in the mirror as I lotion my self, I reached for my deodorant and give it a swipe to my first underarm, Nothing. In a panic of smelling like yesterdays funk I ripped through my drawers to look for another but still coming up short. I repeated this with the surplus of toiletries in my closet, still nothing. So still wrapped in that same funk I was worried about I threw on my sweater and headed to the nearest store. 
I get to the store and in a haste I begin looking for the deodorant aisle. I found it, running looking for deodorant as my life depends on it. I find it. The selection is a bit overwhelming. The first selections I pass are for women so I head for the more familiar masculine scents. I stop and I think moon walking to the women’s scents again. I look around as if I’m trying to find some type of approval. Finding none I grab one and still unsure I look around. I open the top and take a whiff. The smell takes me to the hills, me running through the meadows smelling like freshly washed laundry, hand in hand with sheets of fabric softener. I snap out of the daze. Is this allowed? Am I breaking the “man code”? that has been set in stone and shown at the top of the mountain for all to see? Will I be going against it? Will I be backsliding on my manly commitments? I take another smell and purchase it, without receiving my answer. I get home. I slip on a manly amount of this feminine scent, got dressed and head out. 
 Sitting in the car I still felt that unsure feeling but it was smelling so awesome, the moment was bittersweet. I got to the venue, put my jacket over my arm and entered. I got to the bar and leaned on it really cool trying to preserve whatever masculinity I had left. Then it happened. A female voice calls me from across the room. I signal her over still unsure. She runs over to me throwing her arms around me. I start stressing so the deodorant kicks into overdrive, sweeping the woman in the nose (she was beautiful by the way). She buries her face into my shirt so I pull her back away from me to get her reaction, hoping for positive. All smiles. Big , huge smile. There’s my answer. As long as I smell good it might be made for her but its good enough for me. So men, fear not. Its better to have hers than have none. 
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