Balance is Beautiful

We are bored by silence and apathetic non-opinions. At the same time, no one likes an ego stroker and the ones that do are probably sheep with little else to pursue. 

Maintain a key, almost uncomfortable awareness of your balance is terms of personal expression and appearance! Don’t think too little of yourself and don’t think as much as well. There are infinite amounts of things, causes and thoughts we could focus our minds towards: don’t use up all that date on your own image – but don’t forget to take care; you’ve got circumstance and needs as well! 

Keep it simple, keep it positive, express yourself always, but know balance and boundaries. How you will weight that balance and boundary may often time be reliant upon your immediate context and surrounding! 

Step back for a sec, pause, reflect, and see how others on the outside may see you. But don’t be invisible either. You definitely want to stand out for who you ARE, naturally: a unique, irreplaceable individual. It’s a hard nail to nail.. I know. Be your simple (purest) individual!

Point is: Love yourself and love others equally! Stay humble! Humbleness helps accomplish the balance on the tightrope! Know you are special, though! 

Last but not least: don’t set out to prove how sexy, hot and desirable you are: KNOW it. If you know it, so will every one else. The fact must feel and be true in your mind and heart before its vibrations can reach the public. Remember to keep the root of at all seeded in YOU: do it for you and not others. All else shall follow. When we are happy with our own selves, we can finally give to others. Sometimes we have to be selfish and sometimes we have to be selfless: honing our sixth sense, trusting our intuition helps us quickly learn when is the right time to be what!


 Janelle Monae says it best:

“You either follow or you lead, yeah
I’m talkin’ bout you,
I’ll keep on blaming the machine, yeah, 

Then baby whether I’m high or low
Baby whether you’re high or low
You gotta tip on the tightrope”

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    1. I really appreciate your feedback. The music acts as an aid to help illuminate my point. I often find that lyrics, poetry, other forms of art are very effective in highlighting the message. After all, art and literature spring from one another; are inspired by the collective build – up between all life forms. Granted, I will try my best to elaborate, be detailed and write more: I let my thoughts come naturally, and try not to overindulge my opinion so that readers can have a free interpretation and space to reflect. Thank you for reading and keep me posted on how you think I’m doing 🙂

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