Let loose, let go, let live! 

You are blessed with a body and with ears; so use God’s gifts and dance to the music! 

Sure, you need dinner, a drink, maybe a shot, maybe a grind; but you’re missing out if you aren’t getting in on EXPRESSIVE, NONSENSICAL, THOUGHTLESS and BEAUTIFUL DANCE. When that DJ comes on, and if the music is bump and grind, aka, moves your soul, move, m o v e, m   o     v    E ! 

For one, you’ll have an amazing time, for two, you’ll impress the heck out of all your fellows: you are the party! Smile, hit that happy point when you were a kid running free without a care, and BOOGIE! Shake your hips, shake your head, shoulders, arms, hands, fingers, toes and of course, legs: all our body parts have the ability to move in different directions at different points, so get creative, and be FEARLESS. 

Life is filled with much responsibility, but it’s also fruitful with rhythm and dance, so take advantage of a moment of liberation, it’s good for the soul, I promise. Check this dance group Parris Goebel live it up and get down. 

“Take a run, take a run, where the sky is blue forever“!!!



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Bibi Sungirl
Rebellious idealist. NYC born and raised. Vietnamese by history. Duke University graduate. Idealist, believer in humanitarian causes, in beauty, in peace. Passions are art, music, poetry, cultures, travel, discovery, human rights, animal rights, nature, non - profits and education. Fun facts include: I am quadri lingual, have lived in cities of all continents except Africa and Australia (though I will someday soon), pisces, sucker for Marvel superheros. Check out art portfolio here :, music portfolio here :, instagram @bibisungirl. Peace, Depth, Light and Love!
Bibi Sungirl

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