Don’t Be Cheap

Give what you need to show a girl you care. 

Time, cash, experiences: relationships can’t build without real time, real value placed into them. Don’t just contact a gal when it’s convenient, and don’t try to cheap-scape your way out of showing her you care. Dinner is dinner, drink is a drink, a cashmere sweater from Club Monaco that caught her eye is. . . exactly what it is. 

Know what makes her happy and give it to her. If you don’t know, ask. But don’t be cheap with your love.  

Let self-less love guide you; nothing more and nothing less.

Connect. Do so with your time, conversation, with unique forms of expression: suggestions, surprises, super-gestures. Show her you care and do it with action, not only words. 

Walk her to her door, spend time, resources. Be there. If you value a girl enough, give her these things and see how she reciprocates. If she is humbled, if she loves, appreciates and gives back in a way that you value, you are one step closer to a meaningful, lasting relationship.

Don’t run from Love. Better yet, improve, increase, grow – sacrifice yourself for love. Sacrifice your time, your resources, your thoughts. Love sometimes, needs to be taught through example. Dive in, no questions asked, for the girl you desire. If you are ready to sacrifice on this true and deep level, well, straight up, you can get any girl you want. Don’t be scared, go for it, and be ready to lost it all for TRUE LOVE! 

“I want your high love and emotion, endlessly” – Drake 



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Bibi Sungirl
Rebellious idealist. NYC born and raised. Vietnamese by history. Duke University graduate. Idealist, believer in humanitarian causes, in beauty, in peace. Passions are art, music, poetry, cultures, travel, discovery, human rights, animal rights, nature, non - profits and education. Fun facts include: I am quadri lingual, have lived in cities of all continents except Africa and Australia (though I will someday soon), pisces, sucker for Marvel superheros. Check out art portfolio here :, music portfolio here :, instagram @bibisungirl. Peace, Depth, Light and Love!
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