Don’t Follow Trends


Follow what fits you! What suits you! What you like! What speaks to your heart!

Music, media, thoughts, games, clothes, girls, books, movies.

Follow what makes the thump thump, what get’s your blood pumping, what makes your adrenaline rush:

What scares the living hell out of you.

Truth is, the things that scare you most are PROBABLY what you love, yearn, desire the most. Pretty weird irony, right? Who the heck set it up to be that way – that the things we want most are the HARDEST obstacles to overcome. Any thing easy is only a quarter, 25%, as satisfying – and not really worth it.

Honestly, if you end up consuming tons of magazines and media that inform your existence, you become a part of the vapid noise – there’s already millions of other gents out there who are down to consume and regurgitate, but if you’re the lucky few reading this crazy post, DON’T BE THAT PERSON.

Close your eyes and ears to what every one else does and listen to your BEATING HEART, your MIND. Yep, it’s definitely saying something. Think about the things that scare you most or make you angry: is it really because maybe.. you love them, or want to know more about them?

Quite possible, quite possibly.

Once you start following yourself, you will find: you have your own voice, your own independent thoughts; and the things you post like, enjoy, share will feel a LOT closer to home, in your blood. Once you start discovering yourself, you will wonder about where you came from: where DID you come from? Ask yourself:

What is the nature of your family, the mentality, the culture, the roots. How did you get here- and thanks to whom- thanks to whose labor, whose sacrifice- You’ve got a crazy-wild story, but if you ignore it and become a part of the vacuum, it’s erased. East Europe, Asia, Africa, Every Where – get into the roots and follow yourself. 

The more informed we become about who we are, the more we can take control of who we want to socialize with, and what is important to us. Be ready to rock your psyche.


LIVE IT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don’t follow trends, FOLLOW YOU.

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Bibi Sungirl
Rebellious idealist. NYC born and raised. Vietnamese by history. Duke University graduate. Idealist, believer in humanitarian causes, in beauty, in peace. Passions are art, music, poetry, cultures, travel, discovery, human rights, animal rights, nature, non - profits and education. Fun facts include: I am quadri lingual, have lived in cities of all continents except Africa and Australia (though I will someday soon), pisces, sucker for Marvel superheros. Check out art portfolio here :, music portfolio here :, instagram @bibisungirl. Peace, Depth, Light and Love!
Bibi Sungirl

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5 thoughts on “Don’t Follow Trends”

  1. Couldn’t agree with you more Bibi! And I was going to walk the path of a long-winded self-help avenue of living an “authentic #life” but that seems to be another media-imposed strategy to sell books. Hahaha. Keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks for the comment Quinton! I’m glad you enjoy. Yea, I think self-help books aren’t too necessary because most of the time, the answer is right before us; if we just get real with ourselves, are honest with ourselves, the answer is before us. Our subconscious knows it before we do, we just have to trust it. All that’s needed is courage, a willingness to learn and a fearlessness of failure (because failure is THE best teacher out there). Follow through with the answers that we seek in our personal lives (action > words), don’t be afraid to fail, learn and keep moving forward – oh and share a smile (inside/outside) :).

  3. I am so glad you find it helpful! I know in this life, we are busy bees, paying attention to all that surrounds us, trying to make a buck, a bang, but if we look at ourselves and find a source of unique-personal happiness, a true voice, well, our lives will change forever. We become creators – leaders – opinionated – just. Thanks so much again for reading and commenting. Stay tuned for more thoughts!

  4. Thank you so much for the feedback! Glad to know you enjoyed it! Remember, always stay curious, look around, ask questions, do your research, find your own conclusions- STAY TRUE!

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