Peaceful Positivity

Encourage your friends, your family, your loved ones, your lovers, your strangers, your pets, your objects, encourage them to be the best they can be. 

Don’t think of problems or obstacles, think of possible solutions to challenges. Be constructive – critically – positively – constructive, not negative, authoritative or destructive. 

Rather than say “well, we can’t” just flip the scenaria: not to coin the cliché but, “yes, we can”. I can tell you all the times I’ve been able to get around things simply because the energy I gave the other human I was interacting with was pure love. Not manipulation, asked directly, sans threat, but with love. Yes, it sounds ridiculous, but I concentrate my brain and my heart and I send a positive and peaceful message. I can feel the message, it says “hey, I’m you and you are me, we are the same. Could you help me? Here is my real smile.” Because at the end of the day, business is a man-made creation made for us survive in our constructed society. As critical as it may be in this modern era, it cannot stand the strength of pure (needs to be pure, not fake) human connection. After all, when you fall in love, all materials are combined, no rules can stop you from the fight – right? If you can concentrate your heart and mind on fellow human beings and feel that positive peace, you will see, all is possible.

Don’t just be a carpet that let’s everything slide and walk across you- an echo that chimes “cool!” “nice!” “sweet!” “ok!”. I mean, come on, no one likes a chimer. Be constructive: be critical: but be very tactful in how you communicate your criticism. Do it with a positive spin, one that is not too harsh. Those around you will recognize your efforts to make them both better and happy at once. People will remember it.

Be a good life force for the people around you, find the light in you and share it – be the light in your circles’ lives. If your circle has no light or cannot see light, perhaps it’s time for a Life Upgrade, but that topic is a total divergence.

Be Positive!!!! Fruitful!!!! – And of course, do it all while not giving away your dignity.

Let’s portray this experimentally here, Goldilocks style, to help illuminate an ideal form of staying positive, via text, so that people want to be around you to share the warmth, but not run away from you because you are acting like a zealot. Hot, Perfect, Cold Porridge Simile (5th grade English), here we ago: 

Too Cold Porridge ie. let go of your ego and fear of self-expression because you are coming off as an iced, uptight, high browed douche:

Me: Hi!

You: Hi.

Me: How are you?

You: Good.

Me: Cool

You: Yea.

… (womp womp)

Too Hot Porridge ie. don’t scare people away by overcompensating with your eyes glimmering, your mouth yapping at a rate that people can barely comprehend, fathom, because you’re also coming off as a maniacal douche:

Me: Hi!

You: HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me: How are you?

You: Well…. considering the day is absolutely GORGEOUS, I would say pretty good! I mean, the lady at the coffeeshop made my coffee way too light but dude, it’s fuckin’ FRIDAY. Once the sun comes down, IT’S SCHWAZERSTIMEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me: Cool

You: YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.. WANNA COME?!!?!?!?!?!?! 

… (womp womp)

Simply Perfect Porridge, topped with freshly picked raspberries, a splash of cinnamon, a glass of Bordeaux (aged 2008) to accompany, by vanilla candlelight, a live (private) bossanova band playing “Girl From Ipanema, with your jacuzzi warming up in the background.. and full of silky laughter (love):

Me: Hi!

You: Hey! 

Me: How are you?

You: I’m doin’ pretty well! Sunny out, happy it’s Friday (insert smiley face is optional here, insert period would be fine too.) How are you? 

Me: —-> At this point, I would probably not just say cool but open up and start talking about my day, self. 

See?! Positivity lends itself to openness, lends itself to consideration and thoughtfulness, lends itself to connection, lends itself to.. happiness.. and jacuzzis! 

The ultimate goal of life is True Happiness right?! Family, money, friends, excess, fame, art, music, sex, food, wine, drugs, dance, invention, literature, poetry, religion, charity, travel, t.v. addiction, film, porn, photography, manicures, tattoos, shopping, football, sports, hiking, sleep, desert, baths, all this stuff we do to occupy ourselves, really, distract ourselves with before our dying day, is to arrive at some type of elation, so that when we are in our deathbeds, we can say “phewf. glad I did that. glad I lived.” Well, all that stuff I listed above is great, but honestly, it’s worth nothing if you can’t stay positive and peaceful within your own heart first. No building, stadium or museum for that matter holds above sand. 

Genuinely care how a person’s day is, genuinely care about how they are doing: from your mom, to the clerk at the grocery, to your superintendent. Every person makes a huge difference by existing, and acknowledging – no, more – appreciating that existence in a very real and deep way (in your heart) will change your life, and the lives of others. 

 So, stay positive, stay peaceful, communicate that positive peace, be thoughtful – et voila! Vous allez voirs! All your dreams will come true. Remember you alone are in control of the thoughts in your mind: is the glass half full, or empty: well, frankly, it’s both! So f. it! Call it full and smile!

As well, when you have a firm grip of the perfect amount of peaceful positive to give, you will find a whole window of opportunity for your true personality to emerge, so you can really get to know your person in and out. When you have a careful balance of how much you are giving and taking, you will find it much easier to ask a person questions, to dig deep and really get to know them, so they can really get to know you- so you can really know each other, so you can be fulfilled.  

Ps. I know that dialogue above sounds really shallow but you have to assume that behind every dull and robotic interaction is a real person with real stories – depth – curtains upon layers of icing, and depth that is enough to fill your ears for a lifetime.

Which leads to my upcoming article: about becoming a more interesting character; someone a person could write a novel about; someone unforgettable – more unforgettable, that is, than what we (you) already are! 

Make someone smile tomorrow with just one genuine exclamation mark. 

☼ Peace, Love & Unity ☽

Positive Peace

Original artwork by Bibi Sungirl.

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