What is a Good Substitute for Milk

These days there are more and more cases of lactose intolerance. (or at least more people admitting it) This means we now have a nice selection of milk substitutes. Whether you are drinking the milk or using it to cook I have found the following options to be the best fit and why.

Good options for a milk substitute are:
1: Almond milk – Tastes great with just the original option and they usually have unsweetened original too. Vanilla is very sweet and only tastes good in smoothies or cereal. Not for cooking
2: Soy milk – High in protein which is good but there are a decent amount of soy allergies out there as well. Decent for cooking but drinking is not the best.
3. Oats milk – Has a strong flavor which isn’t always bad but hard to hide when cooking and certain things. Almost tastes like eggnog.
4. Rice milk – This is a solid option for cooking because it doesn’t have to much flavor. Also is one of the least likely for people to be allergic to.
5. Coconut milk – This one is good if you like coconut. Hard to hide the flavor but works great with a lot of recipes.

Not only are these options good for you but it is a great and tasty way to avoid lactose.

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