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Beware of commercial, pre-packaged trail mixes. They are almost always high in fat (salted, roasted peanuts, m&ms, cheese crackers, etc.), and they usually contain unnecessary carbs (candied, dried fruit, and chocolate). Instead, make your own trail mix for a healthy and delicious snack on the go. Combine equal parts raw, unsalted cashews and almonds, and naturally sundried raisins, and you have a homemade trail mix with all the protein and energy and none of the unnecessary fat and carbs. Also, if you miss the chocolate, throw in a handful of dark chocolate morsels to top off the mix.

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Joshua Specht
Originally from Austin, Texas, Josh Specht moved to Houston at the age of 18 to attend Rice University. Three years later, Josh graduated with a degree in English and Philosophy, and, rather unsurprisingly, nothing to do with it. So he packed it up and headed to the San Francisco Bay area to work as a Residential Advisor at a college prep school for underprivileged, underrepresented youth. When he is not working with precocious teenagers, Josh enjoys reading (currently Joyce's Ulysses, and by "currently" I mean for the past 6 months), writing, and exhausting his Netfix queue. Josh's interests include men's fashion, poetry, early 20th century American Literature, movies, and television.
Joshua Specht

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