How to Express Your Feelings

Hey! You have a heart, you have a brain! You feel things just as much as any one. Don’t be afraid of that truth, guy. You know when you see a person you want, what it means. You have only once chance. We live in a place infiltrated with over 6 billion people; we are ants, all over the place, ants all over the place, crossing paths every day with new faces. Take life by the horns. If you feel something, say it, before it’s too late.

We try to read each other’s minds but it’s hard to, so it’s always easier to be out with it, rather than play a game. More so, don’t be a man and pursue a girl with one foot in and one foot out. That’s right: get ready to wade in the water! Be ready with any start of a relationship to really be honest with who you are, what you want, and who it is that sits before you. Is it real, or is it fake? Long story short: Don’t play games. Know what you want, and don’t drag a dead horse.

And last but not least, never take a gal for granted, and never let a gal take you for granted either. Remember, the very point of dating and relationships is to create a space of peace, joy, love and unity- friendship, plus lust. Anything that strays from that and it becomes any thing close to a transaction should be annulled, ex-nayed, ended, stat.

Why? Because we live on Earth to find happiness, and there is no happiness when your most intimate relationships are based upon a cold transaction, a using, a body. The rest of the world already operates on a transactional basis, so make sure you fight to find real love: to discover and love a person’s mind, spirit and heart; not the sexual, short term satisfaction they can provide, not their social/physical (superficial) make up, but their entire being, from flaw to feature; their Soul.



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Bibi Sungirl
Rebellious idealist. NYC born and raised. Vietnamese by history. Duke University graduate. Idealist, believer in humanitarian causes, in beauty, in peace. Passions are art, music, poetry, cultures, travel, discovery, human rights, animal rights, nature, non - profits and education. Fun facts include: I am quadri lingual, have lived in cities of all continents except Africa and Australia (though I will someday soon), pisces, sucker for Marvel superheros. Check out art portfolio here :, music portfolio here :, instagram @bibisungirl. Peace, Depth, Light and Love!
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