How to get Blood Out of Your Favorite Shirt

Razor nicks, nose bleeds, paper cuts and food prep or sports accidents – like it or not, blood happens and when it happens it almost always gets on one of your favorite garments. The main problem with a little blood on your favorite shirt is that it can be much more difficult to get out than other stains if it isn’t treated properly. Here are a few tips to guide you in the right direction toward keeping a shaving accident from becoming a wardrobe catastrophe.

Act in a Flash

If blood dries on your favorite dress shirt or t-shirt, getting it out becomes much more challenging. If a shaving accident or nose bleed drips blood on your shirt getting that shirt to the sink pronto will greatly improve your chances of salvaging it.

The Colder the Better

Hot water does work well on a multitude of stains, but this simply isn’t the case when it comes to blood. Using hot water on blood (even if you get to it quickly) will very likely make the stain worse. Running cold water on the stain (preferably from the back of the fabric) will flush away the majority of the blood and work to help prevent permanent staining.

Soak and Soap

Leave the fabric soaking in cold water while you grab some mild soap or laundry detergent. Apply the soap directly to the affected area and wash gently before rinsing with cold water. If there are still visible remnants you can repeat this process again, still using only cold water during the wash and rinse.

At this point the stain should be all but a memory, but if there are still signs present you can pre-treat the area with stain fighter or stain remover spray and get it into the washer. Remember to wash on cold to prevent what is left of the stain from setting and opt for either hanging or laying your shirt flat to dry instead of the dryer. Once you are satisfied that the stain is completely gone, you can return to washing or drying your favorite shirt as normal.

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