How to Grow out a Badass Beard

So you are looking to grow a beard? Well, the first step is to just wait. Depending on how fast your hair grows and if it is curly or straight it could take about 4-6 weeks to get a good starting length on your beard. Below are some good tools to have.

  • Scissors — 5-6 inch, not kitchen scissors, intended for grooming.
  • Blade wash, liquid or aerosol, and blade oil to clean your clippers.
  • Paper towels.
  • Metal or stiff plastic comb
  • Wastebasket.
  • Old plastic raincoat keeps you clean. Wear it buttoned at the back for the bath and the clip.
  • Beard Oil.
  • Beard Wax.

While your beard is growing you are going to want to avoid cutting it as much as possible. You can though trim it where needed. This basically means give your beard a good solid brushing and then trim all the hairs that are sticking out farther than the others. I would suggest using some high-end hair clippers for trimming it or a sharp set of barber scissors. Continue this once a week while growing your beard out. At this point, you do not want to shape your beard though, leave that for after it fills out and grows at least 4 weeks. Any trimming done will slow down the growing process. Try to fill up on meat, nuts, berries, and greens. They help promote hair growth and can help streamline the process.

During the growth process of your beard, you will begin to notice itching all over your skin under the beard. This is something that is not permanent but definitely makes people think twice when growing a beard.It usually happens after the first 2 weeks and I would suggest using a good beard oil. This will help hydrate your hair and skin and give it a nice scent and glow. Just take a few drops of the oil you have chosen and apply the oil in an upward motion. Use a comb as well to help spread and apply to all your beard hair. How frequent you use the oil depends on your skin and your preference. A good time to apply is each day after the shower. Some people will need to do it more often like 3 times a day. It’s never a good idea doing it before bed though because you don’t want to get the oil all over your sheets.

Once you get to the 4-6 week marker of hair growth you are finally ready to begin to shape your beard. The shape of your beard should be something that makes sense for your face. If you have patches in your beard possible think about doing just a mustache and goatee or maybe chops. If you have a full round face make sure you have a round beard and pointy face would get pointy beard and so on. This is a good rule of thumb but of course, sometimes other styles look good as well. To shape your beard give it a good combing or brushing and then take your scissors or beard trimmers and cut off all the long hairs. Start to shape the beard the way you want taking off a little at a time. You can always cut more but we all know how long regrowing now takes. So you have your beard all grown in and shaped? Remember to clean up your extra neck and face hair. Using a razor is good to keep those areas clean.

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