How to Smell Good All Day

Some guys are under the impression that more is better when it comes to just about everything, but trust me when I say that this definitely is not the case when it comes to wearing cologne. You never want to soak yourself or your clothes with a strong scented cologne so that your “essence” remains in a room long after you’re gone.

The first thing you need to do is find a cologne that you like (this sounds simple, but actually might take a bit of time and experimentation). There are a wide array of scents out there in a wide variety of price ranges – you don’t have to grab the first thing off of the shelf or stick by the scent that your father wore, look around until you find something that suits you. The next thing to consider is timing – cologne is notsomething that you pour on after a pick-up game of basketball or three mile run to mask your smell, you want it applied to fresh, clean skin to make the most of it. The best time to apply your cologne is immediately after you get out of the shower. Use a soap with a mild smell to wash thoroughly (you don’t want you soap and cologne in competition), after you’ve toweled off apply the cologne directly to your body.

One of the biggest things you need to focus on when it comes to cologne is how much – in almost every case a little goes a long way. Use one light spray to one wrist (then rub wrists together) and one light spray around the upper chest, collar area. This might not seem like enough to get you by through an entire day at work or night on the town, but keep in mind that the idea isn’t to overwhelm people with your scent. Cologne is meant to be pleasant and subtle, not overpowering and obnoxious.

If this light application style does not work as well as you’d like you can always up the quantity you use slightly the next time around until you find the perfect amount. It’s much better to start out small and build up to the proper level then to drown yourself in cologne from the start and leave an unnecessarily bad impression from the start.

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