How to Spice Up Your Relationship


Many relationships that were once romantic and lovely are no longer where they used to be. One day you’ll wake up to find out that your partner is already talking to a divorce lawyer and it could already too late. A number of factors are responsible for this. In this article, those in relationships will be shown ways of spicing up their relationships.


One way of spicing up your relationship is having a better understanding of your partner. It doesn’t matter how long you have been together, you still need to know more about your partner. A partner should not try to make an argument out of minute issues. A guy should understand that a lady talks a lot and at such he shouldn’t respond to all she says especially when it is a minute issue. However, this does not necessarily mean that the guy shouldn’t pay any attention to what she says. You see, ladies need attention always; ensure you pay attention to her even when she is getting it wrong. By placing your hands on her shoulder and looking into her lovely eyes with tenderness, she gets assurance that you still care for her. Giving her a soft and romantic kiss may help in cooling her nerves. Your showing of concern is one major ways of keeping a love lasting relationship.

Relationships gradually fizzle out when partners or couples allow their work to consume all their time. There is no doubt that a lady needs money but she needs you more than the money you are trying to get. People are saying “no money, no honey” but they must also realise that your lover needs your time and attention more than cash, so give her the attention she deserves. You may not be there for her all day, but by always calling and sending your partner test messages telling her how much you love and miss her go a long way in keeping your relationship intact. But irrespective of the test messages you send her, always ensure you create time from your tight schedule to be with her. Make every moment you spend with her romantic and memorable so that she will continually long for your presence. Don’t just make money; make your relationship.

Prioritizing Love Making

A lot of couples shy away from one of the most vital spices of relationship, sex. Love making is a major part of a couple’s life and keeping quite over it could lead to divorce. Love making is one key factor that can easily destroy relationship if it doesn’t get the attention it deserves. This was unfortunately what led to the break -up of a very promising relationship between a guy and a lady recently in London, United Kingdom. According to the lady, Kathy, she ended the relationship because her boyfriend is always in a hurry when it comes to having sex; he likes hitting the top corner without foreplay wish she doesn’t enjoy. She wanted fore play, caressing, fondle, and romantic touches before cutting to the chase. Common guys, love making without “foreplay is like hot chocolate without whipped cream”. When love making is no longer pleasurable to a partner, such a relationship can easily hit the rock.

Sexual intercourse is a major part of a couple’s life and keeping quite over it could lead to divorce. Failure in satisfying your partner during the act could easily kill the spark in a relationship. A scenario may occur where your desire dried up or you were unable to hit it high during your first night. The guy that is having this problem should try to get latest information on how he can satisfy his partner during love making. Discuss the issue with your partner asking how he or she can be satisfied. This discussion should be done at the right time when both partners are in the right mood. Other sexual health issues like erectile dysfunction must also be discussed along with the available ed treatment options. It is also advisable for such a guy or lady to seek expert advice. A couple’s dissatisfaction in love making if not properly handled often leads to extramarital affairs. This inevitably leads to more trouble and pain in such a relationship.

In resolving this, couples should prioritize love making by making out time for it. They should always know about each other’s sexual needs, bringing new ways of pleasing each other in and off the bed.

Create Time For Romantic Dates

Some guys keep making the mistake of stopping to have romantic dates with their girls when the relationship is two or three years old. This shouldn’t be because you should not stop wooing your girl even when she has already accepted you. You and you girl should plan new dates together on a regular basis. When you have well-planned romantic dates, you set the ball rolling without hindrances to it. Well-planned dates enable you and your partner to stimulate each other intellectually, emotionally, and above all sexually. Importantly, don’t just treat your girl like a lady but treat her like a queen. These are some of the steps that can easily spice up your relationship when proper applied.

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