How To Walk Your Dog

Dog walking can be an undervalued priority in today’s bustling universe where one man has school, work, a family, and a social life somewhere in the mix. For the dog, they just have you and your walks together. It’s good exercise for both of you as well as it is good bonding and training. Dog is man’s best friend, so here are a few things to help you be dog’s best friend.girl-71893_640

In the summertime sidewalks and streets can be very hot for our bare-pawed friends, so it’s important to either walk them on the grass and shady spots when possible or invest in booties if it’s unavoidable. A few minutes is tolerable, more than 20 can burn their paws if it’s particularly hot out. If you’re unsure, feel the sidewalk with the palm of your hand and gauge for yourself.

Always, always, always leash your dog when you’re out and about. It’s a preventative measure to protect you and your dog from an altercation should your furry friend try to get friendly with a grumpy pooch. A leash attached to a harness is also a good training tool, especially with commands, to teach your dog manners around other pets and people.

If you like to take your dog hiking or on long excursions, make sure to pack a portable or collapsible water dish and dog biscuits; when you stop for a water break, pour them some too. The dog biscuits are for positive reinforcement and for treats because, let’s face it, your dog is adorable and deserves a treat for it.

Try giving your dog a special walk at least once a week. More than a potty break, more than a walk around the block. A solid buddy walk for your sidekick or family pet.

And don’t forget the poop bags.

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