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If you aren’t diligent about keeping things orderly around the homestead the situation can begin to get out of hand fairly quickly. Coffee tables, end table, counters and any and all other flat surfaces can become the homes for clutter and backs of chairs and treadmills can transform from useful furniture into hangers for towels, shirts and coats.
When your home has gotten to what feels like the “point of no return” with the clutter – it can be difficult to even know where to begin. This is why it makes sense to prevent the problem from the start by taking a proactive approach and getting organized before the mess has had a chance to take hold.

Everything has a Place

In order to avoid unsightly piles around your home, you’ve got to establish a proper place for everything and actually work to ensure that items end up in their home. Start by setting up a basket for mail, a set of hooks for keys and a rack for magazines – and make it a habit to get those things in their respective place as you walk in the door rather than tossing them on the nearest flat surface.

Another good habit to get into is immediately hitting up the closet or coat rack to hang your coat and hat upon arriving home. This keeps chairs and couches free of clutter and makes the task of straightening up for guests much faster and easier.

It also helps to get undressed in the same area or areas and to have a close hamper there for collection. A cheap hamper in the bedroom and one in the bathroom will keep your floors clean and make transport to the washer/dryer much more convenient on laundry day.

Setting up a permanent home for all of your essentials will also help when it comes to peace of mind. You’ll know exactly where everything is when you need it instead of having to root through a mess to find it. Your bills will be by your checkbook for prompt payment, your favorite hat will be right on the hook where you left it and your keys will be right by the door.

Make Cleaning a Habit

When you don’t have to “straighten up” in order to begin cleaning, the project seems much less daunting. Now that there isn’t any clutter, set aside 20-25 minutes one day per week to pass a duster over the tables and shelves, a broom over the hardwood and a vacuum over the carpet. This minimizes the number of major cleanings you’ll have to perform during the course of a year and works to ensure that your home is always ready if you want to bring someone home or if someone stops by unannounced.

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