Know how to Avoid a Hangover


It is time to face facts – as much as you might like to be twenty-one again, you are not and your body simply isn’t capable of effectively dealing with the damage you used to put it through during a night of partying. Rather than putting yourself through the torture of trying to cope with the after affects of a night of indulgence in alcohol, it is better to understand you limits and avoid that hangover in the first place.

Don’t go in with an Empty Stomach

If you want to avoid becoming a silly, sloppy drunk who suffers an epic hangover the following day – make sure that the booze isn’t your main course. Eat something before you head out to the bar and continue to mix in foods as the night progresses – having the majority of the space taken up in your stomach with solids rather than alcohol will probably limit the actual amount of booze you consume and work to limit the effects of the alcohol both during the night and the following morning.

Switch On and Off

Instead of pounding beer after beer or mixed drink after mixed drink, opt for an alternating approach where you have one alcoholic beverage and then a non-alcoholic beverage. The in between drinks can be water, a soft drink, tea or coffee – anything that suits your tastes as long as it doesn’t have booze in it.

Pace Yourself

The object of the night is to have fun, not participate in a race to see who get start stumbling and slurring the fastest. Order a drink that you actually enjoy – a good wine, hearty beer or top shelf mixed drink, and take the time to enjoy it. Take your time consuming your alternating non-alcoholic beverages as well and you’ll spend a lot less money at the bar and actually remember the fun you had while out.

Be the Designated Driver

The best bet to avoiding a hangover all together is to not drink at all. On some occasions when you go out with your friends you should volunteer to be the responsible party and refrain from consuming alcoholic drinks. This ensures that all of your buddies will get home safe and that your body and head will feel totally fine when you get out of bed in the morning. (On the nights where you do partake, make sure there is a designated driver or that you take a cab – getting behind the wheel after you’ve had a few drinks can lead to far more serious consequences than dealing with a headache the morning after.)

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