Pick a Team and Stick with It

In the sports world, there is nothing worse than a bandwagon fan, and true fans can spot them a mile away. When deciding on a team to support, think of your newly picked team as an adopted child. You can’t just leave your new son in a back alley somewhere because he disappoints you a few times. Make sure to do your research, because when another fan (or heaven forbid a rival fan) asks you why you support your precious team, saying “They’re Awesome” just isn’t going to cut it. They may, in fact, be awesome right now, but sports teams are fickle things and today’s “Awesome” may be tomorrow’s “Nothings.” Make sure to pay attention to a team’s history, traditions, famous players, rivalries and significant historical games.


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Joshua Specht
Originally from Austin, Texas, Josh Specht moved to Houston at the age of 18 to attend Rice University. Three years later, Josh graduated with a degree in English and Philosophy, and, rather unsurprisingly, nothing to do with it. So he packed it up and headed to the San Francisco Bay area to work as a Residential Advisor at a college prep school for underprivileged, underrepresented youth. When he is not working with precocious teenagers, Josh enjoys reading (currently Joyce's Ulysses, and by "currently" I mean for the past 6 months), writing, and exhausting his Netfix queue. Josh's interests include men's fashion, poetry, early 20th century American Literature, movies, and television.
Joshua Specht

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