Saving Your Marriage With Urgent Steps

The rate of divorce in many developed countries especially in the US is very alarming and if urgent steps are not taken, it will continue to increase. Divorce rate in the US is the highest in the world and the rate according to experts is 50%. Children suffer the most in divorce; they suffer from anxiety, neglect, depression, and they often have poor academic performance. Getting a reputable divorce lawyer to help in these trying times is critical for the whole family. This article will therefore focus attention on what can be done to remedy this ugly trend.

1. Avoiding disagreement as much as possible is the first step of avoiding divorce. Small and irrelevant issues such as mild snoring, wrong belief, and slow eating should be avoided. You need to make up your mind to tolerate your partner because nobody is perfect and tolerance is a major virtue of successful marriage.


2. There should be joint decision making on major issues like places to spend holiday, buying of house, car, number of children to have, and family lawyer/doctor. No matter how knowledgeable or experienced you are, you shouldn’t take major decisions concerning your marriage yourself; your partner should be involved. Joint decision making creates a unique bond among partners thereby keeping the love flag flying higher.

3. For the spark of your marriage to be brought back, you need to spend quality time with your partner. Don’t spend all your time making money for the family; spend time with your lover. Many marriages that ended up in divorce were as a result of couples’ failure to spend quality time together. Couples must realize that marriage is the most important union hence; they should devote much time to this union. The more time you spend together, the more you understand each other. Spending time together enables couples to start wooing each other again thereby bringing back the spark they experienced while dating.

4. Let go of your pride in your marriage if you want things to work out. You must realized that no matter how strong your love is, both of you cannot completely agree on all issues. You opinion must not always be taken, allow your spouse opinion to be taken also. Accept it in love.

5. Always ensure to re-examine your disagreements so as to resolve issues on time. Say SORRY to your partner after realizing you were wrong on the disagreement you had with your partner.

6. You cannot change your partner; the only person you can change is yourself. Therefore, for your relationship to remain healthy, accept your spouse for who he or she is and keep the love flag flying.

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