Stay well groomed

Let’s be honest it’s hard to keep up with grooming but there are some things not to ignore.

Your finger nails are a good start. The longer the nails get the more dirt and crud they pick up leaving you with that caveman look. Keep those trimmed and even when you are playing in the dirt it won’t show as easy.

Keep your facial hair and neck hair in check. Even if you do grow a beard just edge up the sides and trim the long obnoxious hairs, you can still have the grizzly look and look well groomed. If you have just some scruff it’s best to shave your neck up to the jaw line. Scruff looks good on the right people but only when controlled. Keep the back of your hair edged up with clippers and a mirror in between haircuts so it looks like a fresh cut.

Also for the less fortunate dealing with nose hair make sure to trim it up. Nose hair trimmers are cheap and they save you from those embarrassing cliff hangers. Also another method is using tweezers but I am assure you it will bring a tear to your eye.

Some guys trim arm hair and leg hair down to a level that doesn’t look as barbaric. Just take the hair clippers to like a 2 or 3 and run it over your arm and leg hair to tone things down and give you a more together look.

It’s the simple things that can separate a good look from a sloppy look so keep up with these things. It’s possible to be well groomed and not a metro, just pay attention to details!


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